#Goals: Surfers FC, the Little League with Big Potential

Written by Camille Pilar

Amidst the golden LU sunset. Photo by Marc Maravilla.

Amidst the golden LU sunset. Photo by Marc Maravilla.

The beach in San Juan is mostly known for surfing, but in the late afternoons, it also becomes a training ground for 24 local kids who are determined to play football. They gather in between the goal posts, barefoot, and practice different kinds of passes as well as striking exercises. One afternoon, I watched a 3-on-3 match ensue and was impressed by the amount of control and speed the kids had. For a small town football club, it was promising.

I caught up with Roy Everett Fuller, the head coach of Surfers FC, a tiny club with big potential. We talked about their training routines and what it was like to prepare for their first ever out-of-town game this September.


Ripper in the water, striker on land.

Ripper in the water, striker on land.

Hi, Roy! When was Surfers FC established? How many members are in your team?

"Surfers FC was established last July 6, 2017."

They are a newly formed team but they've been playing football on the beach together for years.

"We are a group of youth surfers who enjoy the game of football. Our team is divided into 3 groups of 8 players each. We have a total of 24 youth players in our team."

How old do you have to be in order to join the team?

"In order to join Surfers FC, you have to be 6 years old or above."

Roy, who is both a full time player and coach, is 17 years old.


Roy Everett Fuller, head coach of Surfers FC.

Roy Everett Fuller, head coach of Surfers FC.

What is your coaching style or approach? What exercises do you do?

"We practice basic passing and accuracy. So we do a lot of passing drills, accuracy training, and leg workouts."

If you see their team practicing on the beach, stay for a few minutes to watch. The kids are incredibly energetic and their passion for the sport is contagious. They might even invite you to play a game with them. Don't be surprised if the kids can easily pull a nutmeg on you!

What is it about football that makes it a worthwhile sport to learn?

"Football is a game that makes your brain and body work at the same time. It's a game worth learning because it helps you connect with other people. It also keeps the kids away from bad vibes."




These hardworking and fun-loving young athletes will get a chance to put their training and teamwork to the test this coming September 1-3. They will be competing on their first away from home competition in the Crystal Beach 5v5 Beach Football Tournament in Crystal Beach, San Narciso, Zambales. 

To get there, they will need financial support to cover the cost of their team uniforms, transportation, and accommodations.

If you would like to help our young club take their football dreams to the next level, you may contact Roy Fuller, or their team manager, Mickey Galang, over at the team Instagram account: @surfers_fc