Resto Sabroso: Dining With a View

Written by GDS | Photos by John Parmisano

Having been put on the map as the surfing capital of the north, San Juan, La Union also finds itself with a blossoming food scene. The main attraction for this otherwise laid-back, provincial and coastal town is, and always will be, surfing. However, certain establishments have successfully upped the ante in terms of providing cuisine that tourists and locals can enjoy. You won’t find any major fast food chains (yet) amongst the cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and eateries dotting the main road as well as the beach. This absence of the mainstream is perhaps one of the most important facets that surf spot has to offer. Vibrancy, innovation, and creativity are essential elements that make one place stand out from another in surf town La Union.

Finding a worthwhile hole-in-the-wall, meanwhile, is not as simple as it may seem. Even in a strip no greater than 2 kilometers, one can easily overlook hidden gems amidst the more boisterous establishments showcasing cacophonous drinking spots and party places. The search isn’t exactly evoking the spirit of Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken, but such as it is in life, one small turn from the beaten path can make all the difference. For sure, a hidden treasure that can be found in surf town is Resto Sabroso, which is situated in the heart of Costa Villa Beach Resort.

Before we get into anything else though, this is the view that accompanies the dining experience:

Established in February 2016 by siblings Dingdong, Steph ,and Nina, Resto Sabroso simply adheres to its namesake, with the Spanish word “Sabroso” meaning “tasty” in English. While the sibling trio represents and fulfills the nitty-gritty backend work required in restaurant operations, their cousin, Chef Anne, represents the heart and soul of the Mexican fusion cuisine that they offer. The origin of opening Resto Sabroso can be traced to the family kitchen, where humble experimentation with various recipes was a weekly occurrence that eventually evolved into what they proudly have now.  

Being a family-owned restaurant located in a family-owned resort, the biggest surprise that Resto Sabroso unfolds is their very affordable prices. The feast featured in the photo above, complete with appetizers, main entrees, and dessert, amounts to just a bit over a thousand pesos (around $20.00). Free from the burden of paying rent, the delightful little restaurant can skip on scrimping in the quality of their ingredients and the size of their servings.

Must-Try's at Resto Sabroso

Carnitas Burrito

The dish in itself is very filling, and can be shared by up to 2 people. The shredded pork inside the burrito is very tender, which goes well with the cilantro-infused lime rice, frijoles (beans), onions and slaw: all wrapped inside a flour-based tortilla. An order of Resto Sabroso burritos is served with freshly made salsa with a choice of cucumber yoghurt or sour cream, plus a wedge of fresh lemon.

Soft Taco Grilled Chicken Salad

Looking for a healthy, yet flavourful option? The soft taco grilled chicken salad is not only an example of the fusion aspect highlighted by Resto Sabroso, it is a way for the calorie-conscious to enjoy a tasty and lean meal. The salad-- comprising of grilled chicken, cilantro, onions, olives, and lettuce drizzled with a jalapeno cheese sauce-- is set on soft flour tortillas. The soft tacos are served with freshly made salsa and Chef Anne’s special vinaigrette.

Chef Anne’s Pizza

There are 6 varieties for Chef Anne’s 11-inch pizza: Pepperoni Max, All Cheese and Garlic, Garden Special (100% vegetable toppings), Mexicana (taco beef with Pico de Gallo and jalapeno cheese sauce), Tinapa with Salted Eggs Ensalada (Salad), and Ilocano-Fusion.

You can also order the pizza in a combination of any 2 flavors. For those who have an adventurous palate, we definitely recommend that you try out a half-and-half combo of the Ilocano-Fusion and Tinapa (a local smoked fish delicacy) Salted eggs (also a Filipino staple) Ensalada pizzas.


Aside from the tasty main dishes and friendly prices, Resto Sabroso has one final surprise up their sleeves: their Mexican-inspired desserts! A taste of their delectable treats is reason enough to warrant a visit, especially for those who’ve just finished lunch or dinner and are looking for something to satiate their sweet tooth.  


Two light tortillas slathered with Nutella filling, served with a dollop of whipped cream and candy sprinkles. Need we say more?

Churros Ice Cream

The blend of churros (fried dough pastry) and ice cream is a tantalizing combination that packs the crunchiness of churros and frosty ice cream. This dessert also comes with a popular chocolate wafer (a local delicacy in its own right, sort of) along with a side of whipped cream with a cherry on top.

So if you’re looking for a change of pace in the form of Mexican-Filipino Fusion Cuisine in San Juan, La Union, Resto Sabroso is open daily from 12 noon to 10 pm.

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