Human Nature's SOS Coastival: A Call To Save Our Seas (2016)

For #OceansMonth last year, Human Nature put together this initiative along with other sea-loving partners, namely: 

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Philippines)
Save Philippine Seas (SPS)
Project Curma (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions)
La Union Soul
Urbiz Garden La Union
The Circle Hostel
Meg Magazine
Choose Philippines
Planet Zips
Escola Brasileira de Capoeira Philippines
Bayani Brew

This event served as a reminder that our beautiful waters need our help – many of our sea friends are hurting and are losing their homes due to ginormous amount of trash and harmful chemicals making their way into the waters. But the good thing is we as a whole have the power to stop it. From how we shop to how we shower, our simple everyday choices make ripples of impact to our beautiful waters. By the simple act of doing away with sachets and using reef-friendly products every day, we can #SaveOurSeas – and that's exactly what Human Nature and our sea-loving partners celebrated in this year's first ever #SOSCoastival

From sunup to sundown, sea-tizens worked hand in hand filling the wide stretch of beach with a beautiful 180-meter art using only eco-friendly methods; no paints, plastics and other sea-harming materials. This is to signify our call for help and pledge to save our seas by leaving no trace when going to the sea. Just good memories made and bonds made even stronger.

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