Looking Back: Social Media Day 2016

Social media is more powerful than ever in the Philippines. We've seen ideas flourish through Facebook collaborations. Ideas come to life through crowdfunding. Communities are united simply by going online. 

Social media moves. Social media bridges. How we use social media is important because it is a tool for empowerment.

For the past 5 years, we've been celebrating Social Media Day in various ways. We've used this day to come together and discuss important issues with hopes of opening new channels for action.

Last year, we celebrated Social Media Day 2016 here in San Juan, La Union. More than 500 social media influencers from TweetUp MNL and the North Luzon Bloggers Alliance attended the event. Event participants were counted to reach more than 2,000. 

Social Media Day 2016 focused on discussing the consequences of rapid commercial development in San Juan. With big investors coming in every year, it becomes more important to build business development plans that are founded in sustainable ecotourism practices.

A series of talks on sustainability were held in the Beach Hub and various activities were done across Urbiztondo Beach. The local Ridge To Reef organic market was held in the El Union yard. At night, live music was enjoyed at Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel.

For more pictures of the event, check out this album.

We are already looking forward to this year's Social Media Day! Stay tuned for our event announcement.