3 Elyu Workshops Spark Creativity Among Youth

Over the summer, various youth groups in La Union attended creative classes on painting, lettering, creative writing, and photography in three separate workshops that cultivated the same vision. By unlocking their artistic sensibilities, the youth also learned how to show compassion for the environment.

These workshops were Elyu Art Camp 2017, Flores de Mayo: A Watercolor Workshop, and Journaling and Lettering with Abbey Sy.

La Union Soul participated in these events to join the youth in discovering the importance of their own artistic expression while guiding them toward a more environmentally mindful path.


1) Elyu Art Camp 2017

Elyu Art Camp was a 2-day youth art camp held in Urbiztondo Garden, San Juan, La Union. The concept came from Ralf Michael Borja and Lorraine Valdez, two high school students from the BHC Educational Institution, Inc. in San Fernando City.

Along with other students and youth leaders from LORMA Colleges and St. Louis College, Elyu Art Camp was born. 

The camp invited artists based in La Union to share their knowledge on creative writing, brush calligraphy, photography, and painting and doodling.

The camp's mentors included Paola Jane Esteron, Jay Buenaventura, Darryl Casugay, and Camille Pilar.

On the second day, the students grouped together to listen to LU Soul talks about the importance of preserving the 5th longest coastline in the world-- the coastline of La Union.

Click on the photos below for a larger view. All of the photos were taken from the Elyu Art Camp Facebook Page.



2) Lettering and Journaling Workshop with Abbey Sy

Abbey Sy is a self-employed creative entrepreneur who is known for her amazing brushwork and lettering. She is an artist and author based in Manila. She is also the Founder and Creative Director of ABC Magazine, a magazine for artists, crafters, and makers.

ABC, aside from sounding like "Abbey Sy" when pronounced, also means "Always Be Creating."

In this Lettering and Journaling Workshop held in Cafe Esperanza in San Fernando, Abbey talked about the abc's of lettering while expounding on the philosophy of always creating things.

Abbey believes that anything is possible through art. By imparting this message to the youth, we can hope that they will create art and other inventions that will make a positive impact in our world.

After all, everything starts with the abc's!

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3) Flores de Mayo: A Watercolor Workshop with Nikki Ocean

Nikki Ocean's introduction to watercolor painting was also a brief philosophy lesson on thinking like an artist. Aside from teaching different watercolor painting techniques and explaining different brush types, she urged her students to study the world through heightened and deepened perception.

The Flores de Mayo Workshop was held in Urbiztondo Garden, where the lush greenery of the natural gardens provided a conducive environment for creative thinking.

Nikki taught her students to look at flowers like it was the first time they ever saw such flowers. By noting down details such as texture, variance in color, size, shape, and scent, students were able to capture the totality of the flower and paint beyond what is seen by the naked eye.

She also emphasized that the right equipment need not be expensive. After all, the artist's greatest tool is the imagination.

Through her exercises on watercolor swatches and specimen studies, students were able to explore the outside world from within.

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La Union Soul will continue to support creative events such as these workshops because it is important to feed the soul with inspiration and light. Compassion comes from creativity. These students of art will hopefully use their talents to someday spread mindful messages about the ocean, our coastline, and the world we live in.

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